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Some Basic Information in B12 Injections

Cyanocobalamin, is the most affordable and widely used B12 injection.  This injection type is not ideal for many however since the body has to convert the Cyanocobalamin into Methylcobalamin before the B12 can be absorbed by the body.

Below is a video explaining the difference between Cyanocobalamin and Methylcobalamin B12 injections.  It is produced by Trim Nutrition, a us based manufacturer of high quality B12 Injections.

Trim Nutrition is who we recommend for B12 injections. Other online retailers seem to be a little too shady and we have always had a good experience with their products. You Can Visit them below:

Buy Trim Nutrition B12 Injections

In addition to the B12 Injections Trim provides injections that feature other B Complex vitamins. Some that they say are popular include Trim Original (Great source of B6 and B12, along with chromium and lipotropics) and Trim Complete for example is a Great B12 Injection based on Trim original but with the rest of the B Complex vitamins in the B12 shot.

Why B12 is Important

Vitamin B12 is an essential component for proper body functions. B12 aids in proper digestion and maintaining a normal metabolism.  It also aids in maintaining healthy nerves and red blood cell production.  B12 injections have also aided in weight loss in many of our patients.  It contributes to an increased metabolism and helps diminish hunger cravings. B12 shots offer a unique weight loss method that utilizes the natural properties of a vitamin rather than the harsh side effects of pharmaceutical stimulants.

Trim Nutrition provides a whole host a Vitamin and B12 injections. They are the #1 US based source for premium quality B12 Weight Loss Injection kits. We’re your source to buy b12 injections and other vitamin shots.

The Two Biggest Reasons to Get B12 Shots

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The Two Biggest Reasons to Get B12 Shots

These days there’s a lot of talk about ways to help your body produce essential vitamins and nutrients in order to help you stay healthy and regulate your body’s various functions. One such vitamin which has been linked to the body’s metabolic rates as well as a healthy digestion track is vitamin b12. This vitamin in particular occurs naturally, but b12 injections can provide a supplement to the body’s natural supply. One of the main uses for vitamin b12 shots is for the purpose of weight loss. The most often...

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3 Major Causes of Vitamin b12 Deficiency

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3 Major Causes of Vitamin b12 Deficiency

Anyone looking to lose weight and help establish a healthy metabolism has probably heard of vitamin b12 shots and how they can help people accomplish their weight-loss goals. What you may not know, however, is that there are some people who actually suffer from a b12 deficiency. Since b12 is a vitamin which naturally occurs in the body, it’s important that you have enough of it in order to regulate your body’s metabolism. The following are three different causes of vitamin b12 deficiency. Excessive alcohol consumption. Drinking to...

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B12 Injections for a New You

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B12 Injections for a New You

A new year brings plenty of New Year’s Resolutions to the table. If you’ve made the same resolution to lose weight year after year but can’t quite meet your goal, consider trying something a little bit different. Instead of trying a complicated new diet or whatever infomercial special runs at night when you’re trying to sleep, try using a b12 vitamin injection to help you meet your goal. One of the most difficult parts of starting a new diet or attempting to lose weight happens within the first two weeks of your...

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B12 Deficiency’s Effects on the Body

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If your body can not absorb the B12 vitamin or you are not eating enough foods that contain the vitamin than you may be B12 deficient well before you experience any symptoms. B12 deficiency can go years without detection, and may not be detected until a life and body altering malfunction takes place. B12 Deficiency causes: Premature aging because blood circulation is affected Neurological disorders that are similar to the symptoms of multiple sclerosis Brain fog, memory loss, and the decrease of cognition Stroke Heart disease and vascular...

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New Testing Shows Vegans are B12 Deficient

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Vegetarians do not eat meat, and Vegans do not eat animal based foods at all. Plants do not need B12 to photosynthesis, so Vegans and Vegetarians are not consuming enough of this vitamin in their diet. B12 injections are needed for Vegans and Vegetarians because they are not absorbing B12 into their system fast enough to replenish their storage of this vitamin in their bodies. The injection or daily shot that a doctor prescribes will allow your bloodstream to receive 100% of the B12 that is injected unlike the tablets that go through your...

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B12 Injections are Important for Health

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Vitamins and minerals are found in foods that we consume daily and help every aspect of our body perform its designated task. Without the intake of balanced vitamins and minerals parts of your body can not function as intended which causes a ripple effect of deterioration and harmful symptoms. B12 is a vitamin that many people don’t realize is vital in our everyday function. B12 injections help with: Boost of energy Better night’s sleep Speeds up your metabolism B12 is said to help with weight loss and to help tissue recovery after a...

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